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Brandon Phillips Am a Ham Radio Operator Known As a Amateur Radio Operator.

WX4PCS is a FCC Call Sign That I Have it is a Vanity Call before WX4PCS I Was KK4JDZ Which I Changed Due to the two Ks To Close to the 3Ks As a Miss Lead to A Group of People Which don't get me Wrong there is good people in that group some of which go to church which is something else.

I Like to Be Know as a Follower of God's Kingdom. I Believe its God's Calling of me to be a Weather Spotter and a Radio Operator to help Keep People Safe From Storms I Might not can Save All Lives but if i can help you save your life then that one of God's callings. My Main Focus is Polk & Floyd County GA. Due to Living Area and Radio Communications Coverage.

I Also Have a Licensed in GMRS Call is WRQL521

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